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OneCommunity is a data integration and visualization solution that delivers the most relevant actionable information when and where you need it most.

Secure Information

Access to secure information that is most applicable to your community members.

User Privacy

Privacy and information sharing is controlled by the community itself and supported by high-level encryption. The community retains control of the information. 

Agency Compatible

When the community wishes to share their information, the platform is compatible with most local, county, state, and federal agencies without disclosing Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Official Sources

Critical information relevant to your
specific locations is provided from
official sources like the Department
of Homeland Security, (DHS and
FEMA), the Department of
Commerce, and local authorities.

On-Site Sensors

Alerts and announcements from on-site sensors such as camera, alarm, gunshot detection, access control, and mass notification systems can be integrated into the platform. 

Enhanced 911

OneCommunity enhances your organization’s emergency and disaster preparedness, and supports the latest Enhanced National Emergency Response System protocols (Enhanced or E911).

Platform management models
Can support either cloud or on-site deployment


Managed by the community

Selected members of the community

provide 24/7 oversight


Managed for the community

We offer 24/7 monitoring by licensed professionals, following the strict guidelines defined by your community

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