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What is OneCommunity?

OneCommunity is a patented breakthrough multi-source integration platform that operates as a secure private network and works on all popular mobile devices. 

OneCommunity was developed by GoWare Inc., a technology company located in Orange County, California, committed to improving the safety, security and wellbeing in our communities. 


Building resilience and sustainability together


OneCommunity is used to coordinate daily life and celebrate happy occasions and interesting events happening in your community.

OneCommunity can also be used during an emergency by helping users to share accurate, relevant, and timely information directly with each other, and first responders – to reduce crime and improve response time.


Relevant information from official sources, social media, and the community members themselves is continuously uploaded, validated and merged into the OneCommunity platform.


Verifying and delivering the most relevant information, in an easy-to-understand visual format, displayed by location, time, and impact.

One Community can also improve 

situational awareness by integrating information from various security systems at the facilities of your choice.

Alerts and announcements from cameras, gunshot detection sensors, access control, and mass notification systems can be integrated into the platform.

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By using certified suppliers of world-leading security technology,  the platform serves as a centralized security ecosystem supporting the safety of your community.


Using advanced proprietary logic and Geo- Temporal technology, OneCommunity is Future-Proof and compatible with most IoT and communication systems.

(US Patent 11,954,750)

OneCommunity leaves the decision about which information to gather and share, to the ones who know best - the community itself.


The platform allows the community members to choose to whom they share information with while keeping their privacy protected


OneCommunity comes with all the necessary training and support materials.

Faith-Based Communities and educational institutions can qualify for Federal and State grants and are eligible to receive security funding to establish emergency management and communication systems.

One Community can be funded through these grants. Learn more about potential funding for your community.

Many communities are looking for better ways to manage growing safety and security concerns.


While many needs are similar, each community is unique. OneCommunity was designed to be customized to each community individually.


Whether you want to form your own community or are part of an existing one  -  a business, house of worship, educational institution, neighborhood watch, public safety agency, security company, or a critical infrastructure - OneCommunity can work for you. 

Learn more about the latest OneCommunity updates.

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